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Spring Framework

The last post discussed Dependency Injection(DI), and included an example using the Spring framework. Spring is a dependency injection(DI) and aspect oriented(AOP) container.

Its features are –

  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • POJO’s
  • Reduce boilerplate through templates
  • Encourage testability through loose coupling

It supports –

  • Setter
  • Constructor

Spring Container

The core of Spring Container are the BeanFactory or ApplicationContext interfaces. Its is best to think of the ApplicationContext as a more heavyweight version of the BeanFactory


  • org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory interface
  • Basic unit of dependency injection
  • FactoryPattern applying DI
  • Collection of beans and associations between beans
  • Deals with initialization and destruction of Beans
  • Example – XMLBeanFactory


  • org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext
  • Enterprise specific container
  • Extends on BeanFactory
  • Support for application lifecycle events, internationalization and validation
  • Examples –
  • ClassPathXmlApplicationContext
  • FileSystemXmlApplicationContext
  • XmlWebApplicationContext

Bean Lifecycle

  • Instantiate Bean
  • Inject Value and Bean References into bean properties
  • If BeanNameAware – setBeanName()
  • If BeanFactoryAware – setBeanFactory()
  • If ApplicationContextAware – setApplicationContext
  • If BeanPostProcessor interface – postProcessBeforeInitialization
  • If InitializingBean interface – afterPropertiesSet – or init-method
  • If BeanPostProcessor – postProcessAfterInitialization() – Bean Remains in ApplicationContext until ApplicationContext destroyed
  • If DisposableBean interface – destroy() methods or destroy-method

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