Welcome to my blog

My name is Martin, and I have almost 20 years design and development experience with Java, specializing in Spring Framework and JEE. Ive consulted in a range of business environments, and have provided Java and Spring mentoring and training during this time.

Why I blog?

I started this blog as a way of collecting my notes on Java and Spring technologies. I had tried everything in the past from old skool paper, word documents to evernote. But nothing worked.

Then I started blogging – and its the perfect solution. I can always find my notes. And it has had the added advantage of seeing other people visit and benefit from these notes.

Site visitors has also made more accountable, and try to produce better quality posts

I am currently a Most Valuable Blogger on dzone


What I blog about?

My blog focuses on Java and Spring Technologies, but mainly Spring. It might be preference, or it might be had experience with JEE technologies and the revelation of Rod Johnson’s original “Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development, at a time we were struggling with EJB1 and 2. This convinced me that serverside Java could be productive.


Drop me a line with any feedback, good and bad, to – martin at javabullets.com