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Spring Data JPA – Custom Repository

Another useful feature of Spring Data is defining custom repositories. These involve defining two additional artifacts for your Spring data repository –

  • Custom Repository interface
  • Custom Repository implementation


1. Define custom repository interface –

public interface CustomExampleRepositoryCustom {
Integer customExampleMethod(String stringIn);

2. Define implementation class –

public class CustomExampleRepositoryCustomImpl implements CustomExampleRepositoryCustom {
private EntityManager em;
public Integer customExampleMethod(String stringIn) {
return new Integer(1);

3. Extend your Spring Data Repository –

public interface CustomExampleRepository extends CrudRepository<Documents, Long>, CustomExampleRepositoryCustom {

4. We can then inject and call the method as we normally would –

private CustomExampleRepository customExampleRepository;
Integer callCustomExampleMethodInteger = customExampleRepository.customExampleMethod("Hello World");