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Which IDE’s and Server’s support Java EE 8 and Java9

Ive been wanting to experiment with Java EE 8 and Java9 as a continuation of my posts on Java 9. Seems simple enough, but its actually quite hard to get a combination of IDE and server to work together.

The Easy Part – IDEs & JDK9

The easy part of this problem is finding IDE’s which support Java 9. All the major IDE’s offer JDK support –

I am not really bothered which IDE I use, but generally have used Eclipse and NetBeans. So the rest of the post will focus on these, but would be interested to hear some IntelliJ input?

The Hard Part – Application Servers

This is more complicated as the only application servers that are Java EE8 compliant as I understand it –

This is where it gets complicated!

This means –

Im not sure on IntelliJ, but that leaves NetBeans 8.2

As stated I must install both Java8 and Java9. This isnt an issue as all my projects are built and deployed against Java9 so I have both JDK’s

Setting Up Netbeans

The post on Eclipse support for Glassfish 5 links to a github page for setting up Netbeans 8.2 and Glassfish 5.0

The focus of that page is Java8, with a note that Java 9 isnt supported by Glassfish 5.0, so you must use Java 8. A quick check shows that Glassfish 5.0.1 will be released soon. So game over!

Actually No

I concluded that I didnt need full Java EE 8 support as I only needed specific components. My main aim is to experiment with Java 9 and –

  • Servlet 4.0
  • JAX-RS 2.1
  • JSF2.3
  • CDI 2.0
  • JPA2.1

From googling I believe that Wildfly 11 will give me this support on Java 9, although I am struggling to find a page listing the version compliant? Anyone?


I noticed Arjan Tijms posted this solution on stackoverflow to change the MANIFEST version on glassfish-api.jar. Its extreme but worth giving a try-



This post is not from a frustration point of view. Everything in Java 9 and Java EE 8 is new and it takes time to produce the compliant software. The purpose of this post was to set out the current status as I see it. I would be interested to hear how others are getting on.