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Back To Blogging

At the start of the year I planned on writing one blog post a week – but things don’t always go to plan and I got busy…

Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9

First off I produced a course for Packt Publishing on Java 9 and Java EE 8 – Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9 

It was a great experience, and something I’ve always wanted to do. It was great opportunity to get up to speed on how Java 9 can be used in a Java EE 8 environment. It was interesting to create the course and see how Java EE was handling the big changes Java 9 introduced, especially modules.

I didn’t manage to produce some blog posts off the back of this course –

One thing I’ve found while doing the course is that Java EE has a strong future, and for the key thing is that it won’t stay the same but will evolve as it needs to.

I was proud to be asked to become a Java EE Guardian off the back of writing this course

New Role

I work primarily on short term contracts. I took a new role as a Lead Developer(Contract) at RBS. The project appealed as it combined Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring 5, with a React front end. Unsurprisingly the Spring aspect wasn’t my challenge, but I was new to React.

It was interesting working with React, especially after my post Would you use JSF for your next project?. The most interesting thing for me about React and ECMAScript6 is how easy the transition is from Java to professional Javascript.

I’ll write more on React in coming weeks

As I’ve stated I am available for contract and consultancy roles, especially remove. So Please contact me if interested – martin at


I’ve a number of areas I would like to explore in blog posts – so will ideally write a blog post every week or 2

I’d also like to explore writing a new course in the coming months – so am open to suggestions on ideas

Its good to be back!

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