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Which IDE’s and Server’s support Java EE 8 and Java9

Ive been wanting to experiment with Java EE 8 and Java9 as a continuation of my posts on Java 9. Seems simple enough, but its actually quite hard to get a combination of IDE and server to work together.

The Easy Part – IDEs & JDK9

The easy part of this problem is finding IDE’s which support Java 9. All the major IDE’s offer JDK support –

I am not really bothered which IDE I use, but generally have used Eclipse and NetBeans. So the rest of the post will focus on these, but would be interested to hear some IntelliJ input?

The Hard Part – Application Servers

This is more complicated as the only application servers that are Java EE8 compliant as I understand it –

This is where it gets complicated!

This means –

Im not sure on IntelliJ, but that leaves NetBeans 8.2

As stated I must install both Java8 and Java9. This isnt an issue as all my projects are built and deployed against Java9 so I have both JDK’s

Setting Up Netbeans

The post on Eclipse support for Glassfish 5 links to a github page for setting up Netbeans 8.2 and Glassfish 5.0

The focus of that page is Java8, with a note that Java 9 isnt supported by Glassfish 5.0, so you must use Java 8. A quick check shows that Glassfish 5.0.1 will be released soon. So game over!

Actually No

I concluded that I didnt need full Java EE 8 support as I only needed specific components. My main aim is to experiment with Java 9 and –

  • Servlet 4.0
  • JAX-RS 2.1
  • JSF2.3
  • CDI 2.0
  • JPA2.1

From googling I believe that Wildfly 11 will give me this support on Java 9, although I am struggling to find a page listing the version compliant? Anyone?


I noticed Arjan Tijms posted this solution on stackoverflow to change the MANIFEST version on glassfish-api.jar. Its extreme but worth giving a try-



This post is not from a frustration point of view. Everything in Java 9 and Java EE 8 is new and it takes time to produce the compliant software. The purpose of this post was to set out the current status as I see it. I would be interested to hear how others are getting on.

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Robert Morea says 19/11/2018

Hey…even a year later the infospace for this subject is unfortunately polluted by information pertaining to old releases. It is very hard to tell (without just installing everything and trying it) what works with what. Did you ever determine a preferred environment?

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